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Our Headjudge

Heidi Wendt has been teaching pole since more then 10 Years and originally came out of the Fitness Industry.

Many years as a show performer for different companies around the world.

Now responsible for 5 Dance & Pole Studios around Germany/NRW.
She has a wide variety of qualifications for dance, pole and fitness.

She is also a international judge for different competitions worldwide.
"My passion is to give my students the feeling that you should never give up and to believe in yourself.

You can do anything when u want to.
Sports have followed me my lifetime."

  • Dance pedagogue

  • Personal Trainer

  • Aerial und Pole Instructor

  • Owner 5 Pole Studios 

  • IPSF Judge

  • Multiple Freestyle Championships

  • Competition Coach

  • Choreographer 



Aerial Art on Fire & Steel on Fire - Int. Aerial Art & Poledance Championships - Meisterschaft - SOF - AAOF -  Hoop - Silk -


Aerial Art on Fire & Steel on Fire - Int. Aerial Art & Poledance Championships - Meisterschaft - SOF - AAOF -  Hoop - Silk -

Our internationalJury-team

Jade Benslium

Jade is an accomplished international instructor and performer. She has been in love with Pole and Aerial for over 9 years and has travelled across the world performing and teaching her workshops. Jade is also an XPERT Fitness Trainer, where she dedicates her time to training the trainers. 

She holds a number of national titles including placing second at Miss Pole Dance UK Professional in 2018, which gave her the opportunity to represent the UK at the World Pole Dance Championships in 2019 where she placed in the top 5! 

Not satisfied with just being a competitor, Jade has judged and organised a number of competitions. She prides herself on having experience from all angles as a regular on the judging scene and also the co-owner of Pole Theatre UK, Exotic Generation UK and the new Elite Pole Championships.

Moisés Ahurey


Fernando Morales

"I am a dancer, acrobat and aerialist. I did my dance education in Mexico City in the National dance school of ballet and contemporary dance as a contemporary dancer.


Since I was 13 years old I started with floor acrobatics and later I started to train aerials.  I’ve had more experience working as a dancer in some of the biggest musicals in Mexico and outside, I was part of Disney’s The Lion King  around the world ( uk, Switzerland, Mexico, Nederland en Hong Kong.


At the moment I am part of Disney’s Aladdin in Nederland. I work as well as a free lancer aerialist performing in different events and disciplines like tissue, aerial hoop and vertical dance. I’ve done pole dance as well.

Andrew Gregory aka @tattoo_pole_boy

Andrew Gregory aka @tattoo_pole_boy came to pole in his mid 40s with no background in fitness or performance. Following the amputation of his lower leg 3 1/2 years ago.
He has gone on to be twice IPSF para world champion,IPSF male athlete of the year, also winning the drama category at pole theatre, and was also a finalist at UKPPC pro.
He has recently begun performing at events with some exciting projects coming up. Andrew also teaches pole at London dance academy. He wants to show the world that disabled polers hold an important place within the industry.

Sandra Schlichting

Pole Dance ist meine Leidenschaft und mein Leben. Diese Leidenschaft gebe ich vor allem als Trainerin in meinem Pole Studio „aria arte“ in Halle an der Saale an andere weiter und auch im „Pole Art Magazine“ welches ich gemeinsam mit meinem Mann Marco herausbringe. Als Tänzerin liebe ich an der Pole alles was mit Flips & Tumbles zu tun hat sowie Heels :)


2021 1. Platz Pole Theatre UK Pole Art Semi-Pro

2021 1. Platz Dance Filthy UK Semi-Pro

2019 4. Platz Exotic Pole Dance Contest Unlimited

2021 2. Platz PSO Virgo Edited Videos als Team 

2021 1. Platz Deutsche Pole Meisterschaft Artistik

2021 1. Platz PSO Capricorn | Edited Videos 

2020 3. Platz PSO United Europe | Edited Videos

2020 Finalistin Pole Theatre Ireland Classique 

2020 2. Platz PSO Germany Doubles






Aerial Art on Fire & Steel on Fire - Int. Aerial Art & Poledance Championships - Meisterschaft - SOF - AAOF -  Hoop - Silk -
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